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Road Traffic Signs: Directions

Signs on Motorways: Rectangular and Blur Background

Junction To Motorway Sign

At a junction leading directly into a motorway (junction number may be shown on a black background)

On approaches to junctions

On approaches to junctions (junction number may be shown on a black background)

Motorway Route confirmatory sign

Route confirmatory sign after junction

Get in Motorway Lane

Downward pointing arrows mean "Get In Lane"

Destination from Exit

The panel with the inclined arrow indicates the destination which can be reached by leaving the motorway at the next junction

Signs on Non-Primary and local Routes: Black Border

Direction Sign At Junction

Seen on approaches to junctions

Sign seen at Junction

Seen at the junction

Directions to Toilets Sign

Directions to toilets with access for disabled

Other Direction Signs

Picnic Site road sign

Picnic Site Ancient monumen Road Sign

Ancient monument in the cars of English Heritage

Direction to a carpark road sign

Direction to a car park

Tourist attraction road sign

Tourist attraction

Camping Site Sign

Direction to camping and caravan site

Advisory route for lorries  road sign

Advisory route for lorries

Cycle Route Sign

Route for pedal cycles forming part of a network

Pedal Cycle Route Sign

Recommended route for pedal cycles to place shown

Route for pedestrians road sign

Route for pedestrians

Emergency Diversion Road Sign

Symbols showing emergency diversion route for motorway and other main road traffic

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