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UK Road Signs - Traffic Road Signs Giving Orders

Signs with RED CIRCLES are generally PROHIBITIVE

Entry to a 20 mph zone  road sign
Entry to a 20 mph zone
End of 20 mph zone  road sign
End of 20 mph zone
Maximum speed  road sign
Maximum speed
National speed limit road sign
National speed limit applies
School crossing patrol road sign
School crossing patrol
Stop and giveway
Stop and give way
Give way to traffic on a major road
Give way to traffic on a major road

Manually operated temporary stop and go signs
No entry road sign
No entry for vehicular traffic

No vehicles except bicycles when being pushed
No Cycling  road sign
No Cycling
No motor vehicles
No motor vehicles

No buses over 8 passenger seats
No overtaking road sign
No overtaking

No towed caravans

No vehicles carrying exposives

No vehicles or combination of vehicles over length shown

No vehicles over height shown

No vehicles width shown

Give priority to vehicles from opposite direction
No right turn  road sign
No right turn
No left turn road sign
No left turn
No U-turns  road sign
No U-turns

No goods vehicles over maximum gross weight shown, in tonnes, except for loading and unloading

No vehicles over maximum gross weight shown, in tonnes

Parking restricted to permit holders

No waiting

No stopping

Signs with BLUE CIRCLES but no red border generally give POSITIVE instructions

Ahead only  road sign
Ahead only

Turn left ahead (right if symbol reversed)

Turn left (right if symbol reversed)

Keep left (right if symbol reversed)

Vehicles may pass either side to reach same destination
Mini roundabout  road sign
pedal cycles only road sign
Route to be used by pedal cycles only

Segregated cycles and pedestrian route
Minimum speed  road sign
Minimum speed

End of minimum speed

Buses and cycles only
Trams only road sign
Trams only

Pedestrian crossing point over tramway
One-way traffic road sign
One-way traffic

With-flow bus and cycle lane

Contra-flow bus lane

With-flow pedal cycle lane

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