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Theory Test Vulnerable Road Users

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Topics include:

Again safety is the main concern and this should inform your choice of answers.

Vulnerable road users are:

No question is going to have 'speed up' as an answer. Questions dealing with how you should interact with vulnerable road users usually require a stay behind, give plenty of room, slow down, be prepared to stop and give way type of answer. No answer will be: sound your horn, flash your headlights or wave them across.

Motorcycles and Cyclists


Horses and Animals

Inexperienced and Elderly Drivers

Always be patient with elderly and inexperienced drivers. Expect them to react more slowly.

Other Facts To Know

Signs To Know

School markings

Road marking outside a school. You should not wait or park here, as you may obstruct children's view of the crossing area.

Cycle route

Cycle route ahead.

Elderly people crossing

Elderly people crossing.

Pedestrains walking in the road

Pedestrians my be walking in the road as there is no pavement.

Pedestrian and Cycle Route

A route for pedestrians and cyclists.

School Bus

Sign found on a school bus.

With-Flow Lane

With-flow pedal cycle lane.

DSA Theory Test Questions - Vulnerable Road Users Category

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