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Many questions concern the the effects cars have on the environment. These effects are basically considered to be negative. In relation to the Theory test, cars pollute; consuming fuel is bad; using less fuel is good. So remember this when answering the questions, for example:

Question: Motor vehicles can harm the environment. This has resulted in (mark 3 answers)

1. air pollution

2. damage to buildings

3. less risk to health

4. improved public transport

6. using up natural resources

The correct answers are 1, 2 and 6.

Increased Fuel Consumption is caused by:

To Improved Fuel Consumption:

Other Environment Facts to Know:

Avoiding Congestion

Avoiding congestion makes driving less stressful and can help you save fuel. Always try to:

Plan you route by:

Car Security

Common sense answers many of these questions. E.g. Question: When leaving your vehicle parked and unattended you should?

1. park near a busy junction

2. park in a housing estate

3. remove the key and lock it

4. leave the left indicator on

Guess what, the correct answer is 3.

Other facts need you to know:

Car Maintenance

Driving with under inflated tyres can affect

Seatbelts and Safety Devices

Parking Your Car

Don't park:

Other Facts To Know

Theory Test Questions - Safety Margins

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