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Theory Test Safety Margins

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Topics include:

Again safety is the key theme. Add this to a fair dose of common sense and many of the questions answer themselves.

Facts to Know - Weather conditions

In wet conditions your car can aquaplane. This means the tyres have lifted off the surface of the road and are skating on the surface of the water. If your steering suddenly becomes very light, while driving on a wet road, this is a sign that your are aquaplaning. To correct it ease off the accelerator and allow the tyres to regain grip.

Other Facts To Know


A contraflow system is where one or more lanes have a direction of traffic against that of the rest of the carriageway. When you enter a contraflow you should:

Anti-Lock Brakes

Stopping Distances

The diagram shows overall stopping distances (thinking distance plus braking distance).

Car Stopping Distances

DSA Theory Test Questions - Safety Margins Category

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