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Theory Test Road Traffic Signs

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Topics include:

A good knowledge of road signs and road markings is essential. For pictures and explanations see our road signs page. For motorway signs see our motorway driving page.

To test your knowledge you can take our two Road signs test 01 - Road sign test 02

General Road Sign Rules

Order Road Sign

You must obey signs giving orders. These signs are usually in red circles.

Instruction Road Sign

Signs that give instructions are blue and circular give instructions.

Tourist Information Road Sign

Signs with brown backgrounds display tourist information.

Direction Road Sign

White rectangles are used for direction signs on non-primary routes or for plates used in combination with warning and regulatory signs.

Green rectangles are used for direction signs on primary routes.

Blue rectangles are used for information signs except on motorways where blue is used for direction signs.

Hand Signal Left Turn

Hand signal indicating the driver intends to turn left.

Hand Signal Slow Down

Hand signal indicating the driver intends to slow down.

Road Markings

Centre Solid White Lines

You must not cross or straddle a solid white line in the centre of the road unless:

Traffic Lights

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