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Theory Test Rules of the Road

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Topics include:

Again, safety is a theme that dominates many questions. Many questions present every day road situations where the correct answer is always the safest options, for example:

You are on a busy main road and find that you are travelling in the wrong direction. What should you do?

1. Turn into a side road on the right and reverse into the main road
2. Make a U-turn in the main road
3. Make a 'three-point' turn in the main road
4. Turn round in a side road

The correct answer, the safest, is 4. No question will require an answer such as 'speed up', 'sound your horn' or 'flash your lights'

Facts to Know

Box Junctions

Parking At Night

Where Not to Park



Key Signs

Meter Zone
Park in a bay and pay during the times shown.

Concealed Level Crossing
Markers that indicate a concealed level crossing.

End of Minimum Speed
End of minimum speed limit.

National Speed Limit Sign
National speed limit applies.

No Waiting Sign
No waiting at any time

DSA Theory Test Questions - Rules of the Road Category

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