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Theory Test Hazard Awareness

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Topics include:

In general, whenever you drive towards a hazard you should reduce your speed.

Hazards are anything that may make you slow down, change direction or stop.

Again, if your stuck for an answer always select the safest option.


You can drink a small amount of alcohol and still legally drive. However, in the context of the theory test, no alcohol is always better, and the right answer when one of the options.

Drinking alcohol will give a driver:


When driving, if you start to feel tired you should always find a safe, convenient place to stop and rest. If no such place is immediately available you should open a window and allow a good supply of fresh air into the car.

On a long journey always take regular rest breaks. Regular stops help maintain concentration.

When driving on a motorway if you start to feel tired you should leave the motorway at the next exit, find a safe place to stop and rest.



Maintaining high levels of concentration is essential for road safety. Whenever a driver's concentration levels dip or are under threat they should stop and rest until they are capable of maintaining the high levels of concentration needed to drive safely.

Loss of concentration can be caused by:

To help you keep alert:



Look out for motorcyclists, especially when you're:

Other Facts To Know

Slow Moving Vehicle

This sign is found on slow-moving or stationary works vehicles. Overtake on the left, as indicated by the arrow.

School Bus Sign

This sign on a vehicle indicates that the vehicle is a school bus.

Long Vehicle

These warning markers are fitted to vehicles over 13 metres long, large goods vehicles and rubbish skips placed in the road.

Sharp Bend

This sign means a sharp deviation to the left (right if the arrows face right)

Theory Test Question: Hazard Awareness

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