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Topics include:

Safety is the main concern. Understand this, add some common sense, and many of the questions are easy to answer.

Always ask yourself, which is the safest option?

E.g. You lose your way on a busy road. What is the best action to take?

  1. Stop at traffic lights and ask pedestrians
  2. Shout to other drivers to ask them the way
  3. Turn into a side road, stop and check a map
  4. Check a map, and keep going with the traffic flow

To answer the question ask yourself, which is the safest option? Safety and common sense should tell you it's answer 3.

Stopping somewhere safe and convenient is an answer that repeats itself throughout the test. Why? Because this is the safest option.

Common Themes

Mobile phones. Eight questions exist that concern mobile phone usage. The facts you need to know are:

Staying focused while driving.

Facts To Know

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