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Box Junctions - How To Do Box Junctions

Box Junctions

On your driving test, when dealing with a box junction the examiner will expect you to:

  • Use the MSM/PSL routine in good time

  • Not to enter a box junction unless your exit road is clear

  • Slow down and stop before the box junction if your exit road is not clear.

The examiner will also be looking to see that you:

  • Control your speed on the approach to box junction

  • Move off, after looking carefully to ensure it is safe

  • Keep traffic flowing freely

  • Don't enter a box junction illegally.

Box junctions are designed to stop the junction becoming blocked by queuing traffic. It is illegal to enter the area of yellow crisscross lines marked on the road at a box junction unless your exit road is clear. The one exception to this rule is: you can enter a box junction when you want to turn right but are prevented from proceeding by oncoming traffic or right turning vehicles.

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